Kate likes intellectual property. A lot. And, unlike her clients, she likes intellectual property disputes. Luckily for her clients, she likes resolving them even more.


Kate is a barrister and solicitor and registered patent and trade mark attorney with over 15 years experience in intellectual property law.  Her main specialties are litigation and dispute resolution, trade mark portfolio management, copyright and agreement drafting.


As well as resolving intellectual property disputes and managing trade mark portfolios, Kate also quite likes commercial conundrums – contracts and agreements like licences, franchises, manufacturing, settlement, confidentiality, publishing and sale and purchase agreements.  Yes, she likes drafting contracts in her spare time.  And, she really likes copyright.  Copyright often involves the creative sectors and Kate loves working with creatives helping them navigate the complexities of copyright law in New Zealand.  She can also help protect and defend brands and trade marks and sort out any patent disputes, as well as how to best commercialise patents.  To find out more about Kate, what she can help you with in New Zealand, Australia and throughout the world, and her experience, go to the Profile page.



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