Really New Zealand? Sh*t Towns versus Poo Towns is a trade mark dispute? Self-defecating humour?

"Sh*t Towns of New Zealand" is complaining that "Poo Towns of New Zealand" is too similar and is causing confusion.

"Sh*t Towns of New Zealand" is a Facebook page that started in 2017 ridiculing towns in New Zealand. It seems no town, big or small, can escape scrutiny, even stunning Queenstown is included. Books have been published since the Facebook page started and there is an Australian equivalent Facebook page.

Sh*t Towns of New Zealand is not best pleased with the radio station The Rock over its segment "Poo Towns of NZ". The Rock does a weekly segment with a song about a "poo town of New Zealand". Shi*t Towns of New Zealand says it is regularly being contacted by people who think that it is responsible for the segment on The Rock.

The Rock says that the different format, a radio segment, as distinct from a Facebook page and books, distinguishes "Poo Towns of NZ" from "Sh*t Towns of New Zealand", not addressing the similarity of names. Instead, The Rock says it will change the name to just "Poo Towns".

It is nice that we have so much humility that we can ridicule the beautiful country in which we live in such a basal way. Self-defecating humour at its best. I will leave my toilet humour at that.

Sh*t Towns of New Zealand

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