Hey Kids! Science is cool

How lucky are we to have such amazing scientists in New Zealand? It is an absolute pleasure to see and hear such articulate scientists in the New Zealand media. They are cool - Siouxsie Wiles, Michael Baker, Ashley Bloomfield and Ayesha Verrall to name a few.

We have for some time regularly seen and heard fantastic scientists like Alan Blackman and Shaun Hendy in our media, but one of the upsides of COVID-19 is that we are being regularly exposed to such incredible scientists. All of these scientists, and apologies to those I have missed, are able to lucidly explain difficult concepts.

I hope that COVID-19 and the prevalence of the scientists in the media encourages students to take up science. It has hopefully opened our eyes to careers in fields such as epidemiology, virology and immunology.

And why do I care if people take up science? Because scientists do research and development and that often leads to filing of patents to protect the inventions. And I get to be cool by association.

Thank you to our New Zealand scientists for helping New Zealand fight COVID-19, raising awareness of science and inspiring others.

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