Lose Yourself - a lot of that going on

A lot of losing has been going on for New Zealand's National party. In the same week it lost its place as New Zealand's governing political party and lost a copyright case in the High Court.

The New Zealand First party chose to form a coalition with the Labour party leaving the National party out in the cold despite winning the largest percentage of votes.

And then the High Court issued its decision finding that the National party's theme music from a television advertisement from the 2014 election infringed the copyright related to Eminem's "Lose Yourself" song.

Ouch. What a week.

You can hear Eminem's "Lose Yourself" here:


And this is the song without the lyrics:


And this is the music from the National party's television advertisement:


Here's the television advertisement:


What do you think? Pretty similar? "Pretty legal", which is how a National party politician described it?

The judge didn't think so. The two pieces were considered "strikingly similar". The National party has appealed to the Court of Appeal. Pity they can't appeal the election finding. Three more years ...

#copyright #infringement #Nationalparty #LoseYourself #Eminem

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